30+ Simple Sewing Projects For Beginners

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Sewing is such a fun skill to learn and has so many benefits. Today, we are bringing you 30+ Simple Sewing Projects For Beginners. It can be hard to find simple sewing projects when you are just starting out. We know, we’ve been there, and we are here to help. I remember how frustrating it used to be to find projects that were really cool, only to realize that I wasn’t quite ready to tackle them. This list has some of our favorite super-simple projects that are useful and fun to make for any skill level. The best part is that you can make many of these in less than half an hour and start using and enjoying them right away. You also won’t need much fabric for many of these, keeping your costs low. And, many of these would make nice little stocking-stuffer gifts around the holidays. I love making little trinkets and projects and I find myself using many of the items on this list almost every day. From washcloths with soap pockets to potholders and more, these projects will make your day-to-day a little bit better. What’s not to love! These projects are easy to do and inexpensive to make. 

Below is a basic list of sewing items you will need to sew these simple sewing projects. Remember that every sewing project has its own supply list that you should double-check for the supplies, but I wanted to give you a list of basic items you should have to be able to complete most of these projects. Honestly, unless you are just getting started you will have most of these items on hand unless you recently used them all up on another sewing project. So, sit back and enjoy these simple sewing projects!

Sewing Supplies You’ll Need:

30+ Simple Sewing Projects For Beginners

We hope you enjoyed this list of 30+ simple sewing projects for beginners! There are so many great projects to choose from, you’ll have a while before you make everything on the list. Be sure to let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

Over 30 Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

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