DIY Easy Spa Towel Wrap Sewing Project

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Turn any towel into a spa towel wrap with this DIY Easy Spa Towel Wrap Sewing Project! It only takes a few minutes! The towel wrap is lovely to wear while putting your make-up on, doing your hair, or staying in for a facial. Practicing self-care never looked so good. You can wear this in the sauna or while you wait for your turn to soak. It is also great for a day at the pool or at the beach. There is always so much to carry between your towel, cooler, snacks, sunscreen, and the list goes on. Turning your beach towel into a cover-up so you can wear it instead of carrying it frees up your hands. I made this out of a big beach towel. I like using a towel because it soaks up water evenly and doesn’t leave weird wet spots on the cover-up. I cannot count the number of times I have had to run to the bathroom with a kid in a public area while at a pool and I was just stuck there freezing. This spa towel wrap is perfect for staying warm while you wait. This is a perfect project for anyone just starting out sewing and is a fun first project.

You’ll only need a few supplies for this spa towel wrap. You’ll need a towel for starters. I used a big beach towel for mine but you could use whatever you had on hand that would wrap all the way around you by a bit. I used a button as the closure, so you’ll need one that is big enough for your liking and some elastic. Of course, you’ll need some scissors, a hand-sewing needle, and some thread to put it all together. Gather up your supplies from the list below and let’s get started!

DIY Easy Spa Towel Wrap Sewing Project

What You’ll Need:

Completed Spa Towel Wrap

You will need the following supplies to make a spa towel wrap.

How To Make A Spa Towel Wrap

Spa Towel Wrap Step 2

Measure your elastic by making a loop long enough to go over the button leaving 1/4″ tail on each end. Cut elastic.

Spa Towel Wrap Step 2

Make a loop with the elastic, and pinch the two ends together. Place the loop on the back, top corner of your towel. The placement of the loop should be about 1″ from the edge. It should stick out from the shorter side of the towel. Hand-sew the elastic in place.

Spa Towel Wrap Step 3

Now wrap the towel tightly around your body beginning with the side without elastic closest to your body. Be sure the face of the towel is facing out. Using the safety pin, mark the towel where the elastic loop reaches.

Spa Towel Wrap Step 4

Replace the safety pin with your button. Sew button into place.

Completed Spa Towel Wrap

To wear the spa towel wrap, open the towel with the back facing toward your body. Start with the end without elastic, wrap tightly around your body. Loop elastic around the button.

Spa Towel Wrap Step 2

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Easy Spa Towel Wrap

Completed Spa Towel Wrap

Turn any towel into a spa towel wrap with this quick and easy sewing project.

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10.00


  1. Measure elastic by making a loop around the button and leave 1/4 on each end.
  2. Cut elastic.
  3. Place elastic loop on back, top corner of towel 1" from edge (short side of towel).
  4. Hand sew elastic to towel.
  5. Wrap towel around the body with side without elastic closest to you.
  6. Place safety pin in the center of the loop.
  7. Replace safety pin with button.
  8. Sew button onto towel.


To wear, open towel with back facing toward you. Beginning with the end without elastic, wrap around body. Then loop elastic around the button.

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