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Baby wearing hooded towel

A hooded towel keeps baby warm and dry, and it is super easy to sew! Follow this step by step tutorial with photos to make one for all the babies you know.

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A hooded towel keeps baby warm and dry, and it is super easy to sew! Follow this step by step tutorial with photos to make one for all the babies you know.

This poncho style grows a bit with the baby, so they can enjoy it for a long time. Use it after bath time, at the pool, and at the beach or lake too.

Hooded Towel for Baby

This is a fantastic project for a baby shower gift. Towels and ribbon can be purchased in a ton of colors and patterns to customize the look for gender or theme.

You might want to make more than one, so there is a backup when the other hooded towel is wet. Babies love the water!

Supplies to Make a Hooded Towel for Baby

Supplies for making a hooded towel

Towels come in a variety of colors. Choose the same color bath towel and hand towel, or have fun mixing and matching.

Be sure to use a hand towel rather than a wash cloth.

Ribbon is also available in lots of colors and designs. Give multiple hooded towels different ribbons for multiple children. Then everyone will know which one belongs to them.

You will also need basic supplies including fabric shears, thread, thread nippers and straight pins. A rotary cutter and cutting mat are recommended too.

How do you Make a Hooded Towel for Baby?

Keep reading for the full guide to creating your own hooded towel.

Measuring ribbon with towel

Step 1 – Fold Towel Lengthwise

To begin, fold the hand towel lengthwise with the long side touching the other long side.

Ribbon extending beyond edge of towel

Step 2 – Measure and Cut Ribbon

Measure and cut a piece of ribbon just longer than the longest side of the hand towel.

Pins holding ribbon to edge of folded towel

Step 3 – Align and Pin Ribbon

Lay the ribbon about an inch away from the folded edge of the hand towel. Pin the ribbon to the top layer of the towel only.

Sewing machine sewing ribbon to towel

Step 4 – Sew Ribbon to Towel

Next unfold the hand towel, and sew the ribbon to the towel. Stitch along both sides of the ribbon, staying as close to the edge as possible.

Sewing machine sewing ribbon to towel

Step 5 – Fold Hand Towel

Now fold the hand towel the opposite way with short sides touching and the ribbon on the inside.

Ribbon sewn to towel

Step 6 – Pin and Sew Towel Sides

Pin the long sides together, and stitch about 1/4″ away from the finished edge of the towel.

Sewing machine sewing towel

You should now have a pocket with the opening where the short sides touch each other.

Ribbon sewn to towel

Step 7 – Trim Finished Edges

Using your rotary cutter and cutting mat (or scissors), trim off the finished edges along the sides of the pocket you just created.

Trimming towel with rotary cutter

This will cut down on the amount of fabric you have to sew through later, as well as allow the hood to lay flatter. Be sure not to cut through your stitches!

Step 8 – Turn Right Side Out

Turning hood

Next turn the pocket right side out (ribbon facing out). Straighten and smooth the towel.

Step 9 – Fold Towel Again

How to fold hood

Now fold corner 1 inside corner 2. See photo above for reference.

Towel with Ribbon

Turn and refold the towel where seams are in the center. Fold the top down into a triangle.

Front of hood with ribbon

This creates the hood shape.

Step 10 – Assemble Towel and Hood

Ruler Placement of towels

Next find the center of the bath towel. Lay the hood on top of the bath towel, overlapping by about 1.5″.

Ruler Placement of towels

Step 11 – Pin

Pin the hood onto the bath towel.

Pinning hood to towel

Step 12 – Sew Hood

Now sew along the bottom edge of the hood finished seams with 1/4″ seam allowance on the LEFT side of the seams.

Sewing machine sewing hood to towel

The hood should be to the right of your needle.

Hood pinned to towel

Step 13 – Flip and Pin

Then flip the towel over, and pin the bath towel flap to the hood.

Sewing machine sewing terry cloth

Step 14 – Sew Back

Sew with a zig zag stitch and 1/4″ seam allowance for a maximum strength hold. Backstitch several times on each end to reinforce the seam.

Baby standing at bath tub wearing hooded towel

Now find a cute baby, and wrap that bundle of sweetness in their new hooded towel!

Mom snuggling baby wearing hooded towel

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more awesome sewing projects for beginners listed below.

Easy hooded towel for baby

Hooded Towel for Baby

Baby standing at bath tub wearing hooded towel

How to sew a hooded towel for baby the easy way.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10.00


  1. Fold hand towel lengthwise.
  2. Cut ribbon 1/4" longer than towel.
  3. Pin ribbon to top layer of towel 1" from folded edge.
  4. Unfold towel.
  5. Sew ribbon down on both sides of ribbon.
  6. Fold hand towel with short sides touching, ribbon inside.
  7. Pin long sides together.
  8. Sew with 1/4" seam allowance along finished edge.
  9. Cut off finished edges. Do not cut through stitches.
  10. Turn towel right side out.
  11. Fold corner 1 inside corner 2.How to fold hood
  12. Fold towel again where seams are in the center.
  13. Fold top down into a triangle.
  14. Place hood on center of bath towel overlapping 1.5".
  15. Pin to hold.
  16. Sew bottom edge of hood with 1/4" seam allowance on left of seams.
  17. Flip towel over.
  18. Pin flap to hood.
  19. Sew zig zag stitch with 1/4" seam allowance.


Always backstitch at the beginning and end of sewing for maximum hold.

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