Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

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Follow the step by step photos and clear instructions for how to make handmade felt star Christmas ornaments. They are the perfect holiday gift and decor!

Felt is easy to work with and easy on the wallet. You can stitch up these felt star ornaments for friends, family, coworkers, even the mailman! Make them all the same or customize each ornament for its recipient. If you are looking for other fun Christmas DIYs then check out our post on easy Christmas sewing projects for beginners.

Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

Hang them on the tree, on the wall, in your car, anywhere! Make a rainbow of colors, and string them together to form a garland. The creative uses are endless, and they are fun to make!

Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornament Supplies

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step Supplies

You can make a variety of ornaments in various shapes with these basic supplies. It doesn’t take much for each one, so the products will go a long way. That makes this project inexpensive so you can experiment with colors and designs.

How to Make Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

Step 1 – Draw a Star

Start by drawing a five point star on the felt with a washable pen or marker. It can be any size you’d like. If you aren’t good at drawing, you can print any star pattern or clip art and trace it onto the felt. Don’t worry if your star isn’t perfect. That adds to the charm of a handmade ornament.

Step 2 – Cut Out Felt Stars

You will need two stars for each ornament. Carefully cut out the felt shapes with craft scissors.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 1

Step 3 – Draw Design on Star

Next, use a pencil or fabric pen to draw a design that will be stitched onto one star. The example shows a snowflake, but feel free to get creative. You could do a name or initial, polka dots, stripes – anything! It would be fun to make several ornaments with a letter on each star. Then hang them like a garland to spell a word or name.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 2

Step 4 – Stitch Design

Now thread a needle with the thread in your choice of color. Then stitch along the pattern your drew on the star. A back stitch works well for this project. It is a nice opportunity to practice a variety of stitches.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 3

Continue to stitch until your pattern is complete. Pull the needle and thread to the back side of the felt to tie a knot. Trim an extra thread with scissors.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 4

Step 5 – Add Embellishments

Next it is time to add some sparkle to your ornament with seed beads. Use a needle and thread to stitch the beads onto your design anywhere you’d like. Then pull your needle and thread to the back of the felt again, and tie a knot. Trim the thread.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 5

Step 6 – Assemble Stars

Are you satisfied with your final design? Wonderful! It’s time to place your decorated star on top of the other felt star cutout, making sure you match the points.

Step 7 – Blanket Stitch Around Stars

Use a blanket stitch to begin sewing the perimeter of the stars together. Pause for the next step when you get to the top of one point.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 6

Step 8 – Create Ribbon Loop

Cut a 2″ length of satin ribbon, and fold it in half. Then place the open ends between the felt stars at the top of a point. Continue stitching along the perimeter of the stars and through the ribbon to hold it in place.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 7

Step 9 – Stuff Ornament

Keep stitching around the star shapes, leaving an opening to stuff the star. You can use traditional cotton for the stuffing, but you already felt on hand. Use that to avoid purchasing another supply and save on waste. Cut your felt scraps (any color will do) into small pieces.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 8

Now insert the scrap felt pieces in the opening between the felt star shapes. The more scraps, the fatter or fluffier the ornament. Use as much as you’d like.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 9

Step 10 – Blanket Stitch to Close

Next, blanket stitch around the remainder of the star. Tie a knot in your thread. Then draw the needle and thread through the top star only to catch the knot in the center of the ornament. Pull the thread through and cut.

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Step 10

Your handmade felt star Christmas ornaments are complete! They will make a lovely addition to your holiday decor and/or great gifts.

Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more fun projects linked below. Happy Holidays!

Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornaments Craft

Handmade Felt Star Christmas Ornament

Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

Create stunning felt star ornaments with a few materials that are inexpensive and easy to find.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Estimated Cost $1.00


  1. Draw two stars on the felt.
  2. Cut out felt star shapes.
  3. Draw design to be sewn on one star.
  4. Prepare needle and thread.
  5. Stitch design.
  6. Knot thread and trim.
  7. Sew on seed beads.
  8. Stack stars on top of each other.
  9. Begin blanket stitching around star.
  10. Cut ribbon to 2" and fold in half.
  11. Insert cut ends of ribbon between stars.
  12. Continue blanket stitch to secure.
  13. Stuff ornament with felt scraps.
  14. Blanket stitch remainder to complete.


Get creative with the colors and designs to really make this project your own.

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