Cute as a Button Christmas Tree Ornaments Craft

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Follow these simple instructions with photos to make an easy button Christmas tree ornament craft. It’s a great holiday project for kids and groups.

Whether you are buying new buttons or sifting through your grandmother’s stash, these happy little trees are addicting to make. The hardest part is choosing your buttons. Don’t worry, they only take about 5 minutes to make, so you can make a bunch with as many buttons as you’d like!

Christmas Tree Button Ornaments

A Christmas tree filled with little button trees would be absolutely adorable. Can you imagine one in a sewing or craft room? Cute! If you are looking for some fun Christmas DIYs then check out our post on easy Christmas sewing projects for anyone and everyone to make.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Supplies

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Supplies

The supplies for this craft are super simple. All you need is some buttons, illusion cord, and scissors. They can be ordered on Amazon at great prices and delivered to your door. The pack of snowflake buttons comes with a variety of blue buttons, so you might as well whip up some tree ornaments in that color scheme too!

How to Make a Button Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Supplies 2

Step 1 – Sort Buttons by Size

Begin by sorting the buttons. Choose your colors and sizes. You will need large buttons for the bottom, small buttons for the top, and various sizes in between to form the tree shape.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 1

Step 2 – Cut Illusion Cord

Next, use the scissors to cut a 7″ length of illusion cord.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 4

Step 3 – Thread Buttons

If you’d like a stem on your tree, string 3 small buttons on the illusion cord by threading the cord up through the bottom of the button holes.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 3

Then add the largest button to make the base of the tree. Continue stringing buttons of various sizes to form the triangular tree shape. Keep going until you reach the top!

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 7

Step 4 – Knot to Secure

Now tie a knot at the top of the tree with illusion cord. Be sure to pull the cord taught to keep the buttons in place.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 8
Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 12

Step 5 – Create Hanging Loop

Pull the remaining illusion cord into a loop and tie a knot as close to the ends as you can. This will form a loop to hang your button ornament on a Christmas tree.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 9

You made a button Christmas tree ornament!

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Step 10

Have fun experimenting with different button shapes, sizes, and colors to make your own unique trees.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament 8

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more awesome holiday crafts below.

Christmas Tree Button Ornament Craft

Button Christmas Tree Ornaments

Button Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Stack buttons to form Christmas tree ornaments with this easy craft tutorial.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  1. Choose buttons in varying sizes that will stack to form a tree shape.
  2. Cut 7" of illusion cord.
  3. Thread illusion cord through bottom of largest button.
  4. Add buttons from largest to smallest.
  5. Tie knot to secure.
  6. Tie knot in ends of illusion cord.


You can add a stem to your tree by beginning to thread with three small buttons. Note that the tree will not stand up on it's own with a stem, but it is perfect for hanging.

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