6 Clever Things to Help You Sew a Straight Line

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Sewing machines can be intimidating, even when tackling basic tasks. Here are some clever and inexpensive things to help you sew a straight line every time.

These products can be used on any sewing machine, and they all cost under $10. That’s a small investment to guarantee perfectly straight lines of sewing for all your projects. Check them out now!

6 Clever Things to Help You Sew A Straight Line

6 Clever Things to Help You Sew a Straight Line

Sewing machines can move fast, especially for a beginner. These items will help you sew a straight line, with ease, every time.

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1 thought on “6 Clever Things to Help You Sew a Straight Line”

  1. I’ve been sewing for over 60 years and I think the best guides in your list are the Clover stick-n-stitch and the magnetic guide. I have several vintage machines so the magnet is great for them, but I also have 3 modern machines – all electronic. So even if the magnet would stick to plastic, magnets near circuit boards can be deadly for machine electronics.
    There is a another alternative: anything with a straight edge and is the right size and depth can be used as a guide. The problem is how to attach it. The answer is easy; a $12.00 (approx) jar of clear museum gel from Amazon. This stuff is used to hold priceless antiques from falling off shelves and it holds tight. It’s removable and won’t hurt finishes. A little bit goes a long way, so get a jar and share it with friends if you wish. Just another idea that works.

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