Reversible Shopping Bag Pattern – It’s free!

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Download this free pattern to sew up a reversible shopping bag. The step by step instructions and photos make it a great sewing project for beginners. With states banning plastic bags, make yourself an alternative out of fabric. This pattern is based on the dimensions of a plastic grocery bag, making it the perfect size for shopping. The reversible design makes it fun too!

Reversible Shopping Bag Sewing DIY

Do your part to reduce waste by making and using a handful of reversible shopping bags. They easily fold up to carry in your purse or keep them in your car to grab quickly. I keep some in both vehicles so I always have some. You only need some basic sewing supplies and one yard of fabric. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

Reversible Shopping Bag Supplies

Reversible Shopping Bag Free Pattern Download

The pattern to make your own reversible shopping bag is free to download to your computer or device by clicking the ‘Download’ button below. In order to have a completed bag the size of a plastic shopping bag (12″ x 22″), you need to print the free pattern at 315%.

Multiple pages will print. Line up the pages and tape them together with to form the complete pattern. To make shopping bags in different sizes, you can print the pattern at any size you’d like.

How to Make a Reversible Shopping Bag

Step 1 – Cut Fabric

I always like to start my sewing projects by washing, drying, and ironing my fabric. This process acts as a preshrink so that your stitches hold up well when you do to wash you reversible shopping bag the first time. Once you have done this and printed out your pattern, we can start cutting. Begin this reversible shopping bag tutorial by folding one fabric in half lengthwise. To prepare for a precise cut, press the folded edge and pin the opposite sides together. This will keep the fabric from sliding while it is cut.

Then pin the paper pattern template to the fabric. You may cut out the fabric at this point, or trace it with a fabric safe pen, then cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. The piece shown in the photo below was cut with pinking shears to form the zigzag edge and help prevent fraying.

Repeat this step for the your second fabric of choice that will be for the other side.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 1

Step 2 – Mark and Cut Corners

Next on this reversible shopping bag tutorial, we will mark and cut the corners. To do this, open both fabric pieces you cut out and lay them flat.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 2

Then mark each corner with a 6″ by 9″ rectangle as shown below. Cut out the rectangles and remove. This will make it easier to reverse the bag.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 3

Step 2 – Assemble and Sew Fabrics

Next on this reversible shopping bag tutorial, it’s time to put it all together. Stack the fabric pieces with right sides together. You will have two sets of two fabrics. Then sew each set along the curved sides as shown in the photo below with your sewing machine.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 4

Step 3 – Assemble Handles

With this main bag done, it is time to add the handles. Open one set with right sides out and press. Pin the top of each handle of one set with a safety pin and slide it into the handles of the other fabric set. See the photo below for details.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 5

Step 4 – Turn Right Side Out

Next on this reversible shopping bag tutorial, we need to turn it right side out. To do this, we will use the safety pin to pull each handle of the second piece through the first piece. This is similar to pulling a cord through drawstring pants. Continue to pull until the openings of both sets of fabric are flush with each other.

Step 5 – Sew Closed

Simply sew the openings closed and trim away any excess fabric.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 6

Step 6 – Turn, Press and Sew

Turn the second piece right side out. Press and sew along the sides and bottom while leaving the corner rectangles open.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 7

Step 7 – Line Up Corner Seams

Next, turn the shopping bag onto its side. Pinch each corner (as shown in the photo below) and pull them away from each other.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 8

Line up the seams on your reversible shopping bag and close the opening.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 9

Step 8 – Sew Corners

Press, pin and sew the opening in the corners. Stitch back and forth a few times to reinforce the bag. If you have a serger or overlocker machine, you can use it to make the seams look finished when the bag is reversed. Otherwise, trim the seams to about 1/8″.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 10

Step 9 – Turn Right Side Out

Finally, as the last step in this reversible shopping bag tutorial, turn the bag right side out. Use a turning tool, chopstick, or blunt end of a pen to push the corners out.

Reversible Shopping Bag Step 11

And that’s it! You made your very own reversible shopping bag! It is sure to make your shopping brighter. Make a few of these to keep in your purse or your car so you are always prepared for those last minute trips to the store.

Reversible Shopping Bag Sewing DIY

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Reversible Shopping Bag Free Pattern

If you liked this free reversible shopping bag pattern, make sure to pin it to your favorite Pinterest board or share it with friends on social media. If you decide to make this simple project on your own, make certain that you take a picture afterward and tag us on social media as we love seeing the fabrics and color choices that people use!

Yield: 1 Bag

Sew a Reversible Shopping Bag with Free Pattern

Reversible Shopping Bag Sewing DIY

How to sew a fabric, reversible shopping bag to reduce plastic waste.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5.00


  1. Download free pattern.
  2. Print free pattern at 315%.
  3. Assemble pattern pieces.
  4. Fold fabric #1 in half lengthwise.
  5. Place paper pattern on top of fabric.
  6. Cut out pattern.
  7. Repeat for fabric #2.
  8. Cut at 9" x 6" rectangle from each corner of both fabrics.
  9. Stack fabrics with right sides together (wrong, right, wrong, right).
  10. Sew along curves.
  11. Open fabrics with two on each side.
  12. Pin top of handles of fabric #1 with safety pins.
  13. Slide fabric set #2 into #1.
  14. Feed fabric through until the openings are flush.
  15. Sew closed.
  16. Turn fabric #2 right side out.
  17. Press.
  18. Sew along sides and bottom. Do not sew rectangle cut out.
  19. Turn bag on its side.
  20. Pinch each corner and pull.
  21. Press seams.
  22. Pin to close.
  23. Stitch several times.
  24. Trim seam to 1/8".
  25. Turn bag right side out.
  26. Push corners out with pen.


This bag can be made even more durable by using canvas fabric.

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  1. Can this be altered to make the bag bigger? I’d like the bag itself to be a little longer and the handles a little bit longer as well. I’m a beginner and don’t want to mess it up. I’m using my grandma’s Pinterest account and found this and love it. My name is Isabella, but my grandma’s name is Melodie Mangers. She is letting me look on her Pinterest to find something I could learn to sew. I’ve made a pillowcase for me and my sister so far. I will use my grandma’s name and email if that is okay. Thank you if you could help me.

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