DIY Magnetic Sewing Caddy

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A sewing caddy is the easiest and smartest thing you will ever make for your sewing space. Stop searching for supplies in the middle of projects!

Make yourself a sewing caddy to keep necessary supplies tidy and at hand. The magnetic bowl holds pins, while the plate is a resting place for scissors, thread nips, seam ripper, etc.

DIY Magnetic Sewing Caddy

Move it from your cutting table to sewing station with one easy motion to keep everything you need within reach at all times. This little caddy saves a lot of time by preventing the need to look for things while working on a sewing project.

It couldn’t be easier to make, and many of the supplies are available at your local dollar store. Let’s get started!

Supplies to Make a Sewing Caddy

Supplies to Make a Sewing Caddy - Plate, Bowl, Magnet, Glue

You will need a large plate, smaller bowl, magnet and glue to create your sewing caddy. That’s it! Stick with a neutral white, or have some fun with patterned pieces. Either way, this project will pay for itself again and again.

Use a glue meant for adhering glass or china. E6000 is a great choice to hold just about anything together.

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How to Make A Magnetic Sewing Caddy

Hand Holding Magnet with Glue on It

Begin by slathering glue on one side of your magnet. Place it in the center of your bowl.

Magnet in Bowl Glued to Plate

Add glue to the bottom of the bowl, and stick it to one side of your plate. This allows the most room for snips and other notions.

Plate and Magnetic Bowl Holding Sewing Supplies

Let your sewing caddy dry overnight.

Plate and Magnetic Bowl Holding Sewing Supplies

Now it is ready to fill with all your sewing supplies. Use it to keep everything you need while sewing at your fingertips.

Yield: 1 Sewing Caddy

DIY Magnetic Sewing Caddy

Plate and Magnetic Bowl Holding Sewing Supplies

Making a magnetic sewing caddy couldn't be easier, and it will save you time on every project!

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5.00



  1. Glue magnet to inside of bowl.
  2. Glue bowl to plate.
  3. Let dry overnight.


Plates and bowls are available in a never-ending supply of colors and patterns. Keep your sewing caddy neutral, or choose something colorful for your space.

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