Tooth Fairy Pillow with Template

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It’s an exciting time for children when the tooth fairy visits! This Tooth Fairy Pillow Craft With Template will create a safe place to store the tooth so the tooth fairy can replace it with a treat. There are lots of tooth fairy ideas for treats such as money, candy, a special note, small toys, etc. Sometimes the tooth fairy will even leave charms to adorn a charm bracelet. This felt craft is perfect for boys and girls because you can make it an color combination you’d like. Felt is an expensive material that can be mixed and matched as needed.

Easy Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

Download the free template below, and follow the step by step instructions with photos to stitch up your own unique tooth fairy pillow. Stuff the tooth with Poly-fil from Fairfield World to make it washable and hypoallergenic. You can use a sewing machine or hand needles for the stitching. It’s a great project for adults or kids to make.

Supplies For Tooth Fairy Pillow

tooth fairy pillow supplies

How To Make A Tooth Fairy Pillow With Template

Start this how to make a tooth fairy pillow sewing tutorial by downloading the free tooth fairy pillow template and printing it on your home computer.

Once you have it printed out, just cut out the template pieces with craft scissors. Now, you are ready to cut your fabric.

Step 1 – Cut Felt

cutting out fabric for tooth fairy pillow

Trace the paper templates onto felt sheets in the colors of your choice. You will need two of the tooth template and one rectangle for the pocket. Carefully cut out the shapes with scissors. Now we can start putting this tooth fairy pillow together!

Step 2 – Add the Pocket

pin pocket on tooth fairy pillow front

Next on this how to make a tooth fairy pillow sewing tutorial, we will attach the pocket for the tooth to go in/money. Place the rectangle on top of the tooth cutout that will be the front of the tooth fairy pillow. Center it, and insert a straight pin to hold the pieces in place.

Step 3 – Sew the Pocket

sewing pocket on

Now it’s time to sew! Using a sewing machine, stitch around the sides and bottom of the rectangle to from the pocket. Leave the top open so it forms a pocket. You can also hand stitch this step if you want.

tooth fairy pillow with pocket sewn on

Remove the straight pin.

Step 4 – Assemble the Tooth Cutouts

clip pieces of tooth fairy pillow together

Next on this how to make a tooth fairy pillow sewing tutorial, we will make the body of the pillow. Place the two tooth shaped cutouts on top of each other with right sides together. Clip or pin in place.

Step 5 – Stitch Perimeter

sewing body of tooth fairy pillow

Now, machine or hand stitch around the perimeter of the tooth, leaving a 2″ opening on one side. I stitched as close to the edge as I could. Make sure you leave that gap so you can turn the pillow right side out in a later step.

sewn tooth fairy pillow

It should look like the photo above when you are done.

Step 6 – Turn Right Side Out

turn tooth fairy pillow right side out

Now on this how to make a tooth fairy pillow sewing tutorial, pull the tooth through the opening you left to flip it right side out. A turning tool can be helpful to gently press out the points.

Step 7 – Stuff It

stuff tooth fairy pillow with polyfill

Then stuff the tooth with Poly-fil. Use the stuffing tool provided to push the fiber fill into all the points and corners. You can stuff it to whatever firmness you perfect for your tooth fairy pillow.

Step 8 – Close

Clip edges of tooth fairy pillow

Now all that is left to do on this tooth fairy pillow sewing tutorial is to sew the opening closed. Turn the edges of the opening under and clip or pin them to hold in place while you hand stitch it closed.

stitch tooth fairy pillow closed

I prefer do this step by hand because I can make it really clean by using a ladder stitch or something similar to make the seam flush.

complete tooth fairy pillow

And that’s it! Now you know how to make a tooth fairy pillow with free pattern! This is a fun little project that takes almost no time at all. If your littles are starting to lose their baby teeth, this is the perfect way for you, I mean the tooth fairy, to collect their teeth so they aren’t forever lost somewhere in their beds.

Use and Care

To use the tooth fairy pillow, insert a tooth into the pocket before going to sleep. At night, the tooth fairy will replace the tooth with a treat! A treat may consist of money, a small toy, a note, or something else special. Machine wash the pillow as needed. Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more easy felt crafts listed below.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Felt Craft

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Yield: 1 Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow Create Card

How to make a tooth fairy pillow with free template. This craft uses felt and Poly-fil to create a tooth shaped stuffie with pocket for tooth and/or treats.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3.00


  1. Download and print the free template
  2. Cut out
  3. Trace template onto felt
  4. Cut out
  5. Place rectangle in center of tooth
  6. Pin
  7. Machine or hand stitch sides and bottom of rectangle
  8. Stack tooth cutouts with right sides together
  9. Sew around perimeter leaving 2" opening
  10. Turn right side out
  11. Stuff with Poly-fil
  12. Turn opening under and pin or clip
  13. Stitch opening to close


Use any color or patterned felt you like to get the special look you want for any boy or girl. The tooth fairy pillow can be machine washed as needed.

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