Flower Pencil Toppers Felt Craft

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Kids love to make this flower pencil toppers felt craft. It is fabulous for practicing fine motor skills, and felt is so affordable!

Add a touch of whimsy to your school supplies with a handmade pencil topper. These are adorable when standing in a pencil cup. They look like a bouquet.

Working with felt is perfect for children learning to sew. It is very forgiving, easy to cut and easy to stitch. Plus, it only costs pennies!

Flower Pencil Toppers Felt Craft Project

Flower Pencil Toppers as Gifts

How cute would it be to give a mom or teacher a bouquet of pencil flowers?! It would be perfect for Mother’s Day or an end of the school year gift. They would love it.

Single flower pencil toppers make a nice party favor or classroom treats too. Of course, you can always make them for yourself. Your desk needs a bright pop of color too.

Ready to get started? Grab these supplies.

Supplies to Make Flower Pencil Toppers

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

You only need a few basic craft supplies and small pieces of felt in a variety of colors to make flower pencil toppers. With minimal and inexpensive supplies, you can make several flowers to give to a class or use as party favors.

How to Make Flower Pencil Toppers

Step 1 – Download and Print Template

Begin by downloading and printing the template patterns on your home printer.

Three sets of patterns are included in the downloadable template in a variety of sizes. Choose which size you would like, or all three, and cut them out with scissors. (Do not use your fabric fabric scissors for cutting paper.)

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Step 2 – Cut Felt

Next, trace the paper patterns onto felt with a pencil or fabric pen. Consider which colors you would like your flower, leaves, and pencil topper to be when selecting felt.

Step 3 – Assemble Flower

Now stack the small flower piece on top of the larger flower piece. Then place the circle in the center. It’s not quite time to sew yet.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

While holding the three stacked felt pieces between your thumb and index finger, carefully flip them over. Place the three leaf pieces in a row on the top.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Step 3 – Stitch Felt Pieces in Place

Then stitch all the felt pieces in place, including the small circle in the center. You will be able to see the thread, so choose a coordinating (or contrasting) color.

This set of thread in all the colors of the rainbow is awesome for hand sewing projects.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Next sew a double cross stitch through all 6 felt pieces including the the circle, flowers shapes and leaves.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Step 4 – Prepare Felt Base

Set the flower aside. Then prepare a needle with coordinating thread for the pen topper base. In this example, the base is green and we are using green thread.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Step 5 – Stitch Felt Base

Now fold the pencil topper base in half lengthwise. Begin stitching from the the bottom corner where two of the open sides come together.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

A running stitch or flat blanket stitch work well and look lovely. Continue stitching around the opening until it is closed.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Step 6 – Assemble Pencil Topper

Then it is time to assemble the pencil topper.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the felt flower to the pencil topper base. Children may need assistance or supervision with this step.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Have fun experimenting with colors and the shape of your flowers to create a whole bouquet.

Flower Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

How to Use Your Flower Pencil Topper

Place the pencil topper over the eraser of your pencil for added cheer while taking notes. They also look great displayed in a cup or vase. If you store your pencil in a pencil case, then move the topper to the pencil’s point for safe storage.

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and explore some more fun sewing projects for kids listed below.

Yield: 3 Pencil Toppers

Flower Pencil Toppers Felt Craft

Flower Pencil Toppers Felt Craft

Create adorable felt flowers to adorn your pencils.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Under $1.00


  1. Print the pattern template.
  2. Cut out templates with scissors.
  3. Trace templates onto felt.
  4. Cut out felt pieces.
  5. Layer two flower pieces on top of each other.
  6. Place circle in the flower center.
  7. Flip flower over while holding felt pieces in place.
  8. Add three leaves to top.
  9. Stitch all felt pieces in place with a double cross stitch.
  10. Fold pencil topper base in half lengthwise.
  11. Stitch around side opening with a running stitch or blanket stitch. (Do not sew bottom.)
  12. Glue flower to base with a hot glue gun.


Children may need assistance using a hot glue gun.

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