Sew Rice Hand Warmers for Gifts

Sew Rice Hand Warmers

Rice hand warmers are quick to sew, affordable, and make wonderful gifts for the holidays. This tutorial will show you how to create them in a few easy steps.

DIY Sherpa Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Sherpa Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Sherpa is a warm and fuzzy fabric that will keep you warm all winter. Follow this easy tutorial to sew a DIY Sherpa infinity scarf for yourself and your friends.

Simple Shirred Dress for Girls

Blue and Pink tropical shirred dress for girls

Little girls love twirling in dresses, and this one could not be easier to make. Follow these photos and instructions to sew a simple shirred dress for girls in no time!

Easy to Sew Plastic Bag Dispenser

Floral Plastic Bag Dispenser

Keep plastic grocery bags tidy and ready to reuse with an easy to sew plastic bag dispenser. This tutorial has thorough instructions and photos, perfect for beginners!