Make a smiling butterfly plush with this free pattern download and a few craft supplies you probably have on hand. These are so fun for children to let their imaginations soar. Older kids can even stitch up the butterfly themselves!

This pattern is perfect for a plushie or softie, but it can be used in several other ways too.

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Thread, Felt, Needle, Pencil, Scissors - Supplies to make a felt butterfly plush

For this craft, you will need:

  • Craft Felt
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Craft Scissors
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Hand Sewing Needle

How to Make a Felt Butterfly Plush

Begin by downloading and printing the free template pattern on your home printer.

Then cut out the pattern pieces with scissors.

Felt pieces cut out to make a butterfly plush

Next, trace the paper patterns onto felt in the colors of your choice with a pen or pencil.

Carefully cut out the felt pieces with scissors.

Stitching colored felt onto butterfly wing inserts

Now place the small wing pieces on top of the larger wing pieces, in the centers.

Stitch all the small wing pieces in place with a needle and embroidery thread.

Stitching colored pieces of felt onto purple butterfly wings

Place those inner wing pieces on the main butterfly pattern with wings, and stitch them in place.

Assembling felt pieces of butterfly

Next, stitch two eyes and a smiling mouth on one of the felt body pieces.

Place the other body piece on a flat surface with the antenna at the top of the head.

Stitched body of butterfly

Now place the body piece with the face on top of the other body and stitch nearly around the perimeter. Leave about 1″ open to stuff the body with felt scraps. Then continue stitching to close.

Stuffing butterfly wings with felt scraps

Stack the two wing pieces on top of each other. Stitch around the perimeter leaving a 1″ opening at the bottom.

Stuff the opening with felt scraps on either side of the center. Then stitch down the center, between the wings.

Needle and thread sewing felt butterfly wings

Now stitch the remaining perimeter to close.

Wings and body of butterfly

Finally, stitch the body in the center of wings.

Completed Butterfly Plush

Your butterfly plush is complete at this point, but you may wish to further embellish it with sequins or seed beads.

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some other easy felt projects listed below.

Yield: 1 Butterfly Plush

Felt Butterfly Plush

Felt Butterfly Plush

How to make a smiling plush butterfly with felt.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1.00




  1. Download free template.
  2. Cut out template pieces with craft scissors.
  3. Trace paper templates onto felt.
  4. Cut out felt pieces.
  5. Layer small wing pieces on top of larger ones.
  6. Stitch in place.
  7. Place inner wing pieces onto large wing base.
  8. Stitch in place.
  9. Stitch eyes and mouth on one body piece.
  10. Place antenna at top of other body piece.
  11. Stack body with face on top of other body/antenna.
  12. Stitch around perimeter leaving 1" opening.
  13. Stuff body with felt scraps.
  14. Stitch to close.
  15. Stack butterfly wings on top of one another.
  16. Stitch around perimeter and through center, leaving small openings on either side.
  17. Stuff with felt scraps.
  18. Stitch to close.
  19. Stitch body to center of wings.
  20. Optional - Stitch sequins to wings.


  • Choose any colors of felt you would like.
  • Fiber fill can be used in place of felt scraps for stuffing.
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