Felt Crafts for Kids to Sew

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Felt crafts spark imaginative play and are cheap and easy to make. Kids can cut and sew these projects themselves while learning a new life skill. They are so fun that adults love making them too!

How about a pile of felt food to play restaurant or teach grocery store shopping? A racetrack for toy cars? Or the most adorable animal plushies to cuddle? Boys and girls are entertained by felt creations for hours.

Felt Kid Crafts to Sew

Sewing with Felt

Sewing with felt is easy. Needles easily push through the soft fabric, so it is more safe for children to work with. The variety of colors and low price point are an added bonus.

Most of these projects only require one stitch, but you can get as creative as you’d like. There is a cheat sheet of hand stitches over here for guidance.

Supplies for Felt Crafts

Only a few supplies are needed for most hand stitching felt crafts:

Go ahead and buy a variety pack of felt fabric sheets. It is affordable, and you are going to want color options.

Thread or embroidery floss can be used for these crafts. Embroidery floss is thicker and shows up better than thread for adding top stitching or facial features.

Just about any needle for hand sewing will work for stitching felt. Depending on age, children may need supervision when working with a needle.

Small detail scissors with a craft tip work best for cutting out felt patterns. They are worth the small investment.

If an accessory is needed for a particular project, such as a hair clip, button or ribbon, it will be stated in that project’s instructions.

Felt Crafts for Kids to Sew

Felt is the perfect fabric for learning to sew. It is forgiving and inexpensive making it perfect to practice hand stitching on. From playtime to accessories, there is something every child will love on this list. The are simple and fast projects that kids can sew on their own or with help from an adult. Confession: Adults love making them too!

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more easy sewing projects you and your kids might enjoy.

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