Printable Sewing Practice Sheets

Free Printable Sewing Practice Sheets for Beginners

Learn how to sew on a sewing machine with these printable practice sheets. Download them for free, print them on your home printer, then stitch along the lines to practice sewing straight, curves, turn corners, and more. They’re perfect for kids and adults who want to learn to sew or practice their sewing skills.

Stretchy Headband with Knot

A stretchy headband with a decorative ‘knot’ is one of the easiest sewing project to make. All ages and skills levels love them, from beginner to advanced.

Bath Mitt with Soap Pocket

Bath Mitt with Soap Pocket Beginner Sewing Project - Soap inserted in terry cloth bath mitt

Sometimes called a soap saver, a bath mitt with soap pocket makes it easy to grasp even the smallest pieces of soap. It’s perfect for zero waste living and also a great assistive aid for people with limited grip strength. Follow this easy tutorial to sew your own.

Beginner Guide to Buying Fabric Online

Blue and yellow fabrics folded in a stack

How do you buy fabric online without touching it? We have some great tips for ordering different kinds of fabric for all kinds of projects. Take a look at our beginner’s guide to buying fabric online.

Top 5 Best Sewing Books for Beginners

The best sewing books for beginners are tried and true to last the test of time as your sewing skills improve. Even advanced sewists look to these books for guidance and inspiration, making them the perfect investment in your sewing journey.

DIY Knee Pad for Gardening

Don’t settle for a thin piece of foam to protect your knees when you can easily make your own garden kneeler pad. This one uses recycled materials as the stuffing for extra softness and support. This DIY kneeling pad is made with oilcloth so that it is easy to wipe clean, yet durable for kneeling on the rough ground.