How to Sew Common Stitches by Hand

Common Stitches for Hand Sewing

Sometimes stitching by hand is necessary instead of using a sewing machine, and sometimes it is preferred. Whichever you choose, here are some common hand stitches, what they are used for, and easy instructions to master them yourself.

Bat Pencil Topper Halloween Craft

Bat Pencil Topper Halloween Craft

Halloween pencil toppers in the shape of not-so-scary bats will last much longer than candy. Made with felt, they are inexpensive and easy to stitch for little hands.

Easter Chick Felt Plush

Easter Chick Felt Plush DIY

Make yourself an adorable baby chick popping out of an eggshell for Easter. They are so easy kids can make them too, and a free pattern download is included. Sewing with felt is perfect for beginners!

Upcycled Flannel Hankies

DIY Flannel Hankies

Make your own flannel handkerchiefs out of an old shirt. They are reusable (zero waste) and soft on the skin. A full sewing tutorial with photos are included.

Hanging Mesh Produce Bags for Storage

Hanging Mesh Produce Bags for Storage Sewing Project DIY

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, tidy and accessible with a hanging mesh produce bag. Follow this easy sewing tutorial to make your own in small, medium and large.

8+ Easy and Free Baby Quilt Patterns

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts check all the boxes for a beginner sewing project: easy, fast, beautiful and useful. All the baby quilt patterns on this list are also free!

Sewing Projects for Living Zero Waste

Sewing Station

Living a zero waste lifestyle is easy with this list of eco friendly sewing tutorials. They make it simple to swap out single use items with home sewn projects.

Best Sewing Magazines

Neat stitch. Skilled calm attentive worker of a professional atelier sitting in front of a modern sewing machine and creating a beautiful blouse

There are lots of great sewing blogs online and patterns to purchase in stores, but did you know that sewing magazines in print are still going strong in 2020? Check out these fantastic sewing magazines for beginners and advanced skill levels.