Printable Sewing Practice Sheets

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Sewing with a sewing machine can take some practice. It takes time to learn how to coordinate your hands with the foot pedal to control speed and accuracy of the needle.

We created some free printable sheets to help you master your stitches from straight to curvy.

To use them, print these practice sheets on paper using your home computer. Then stitch through them with your sewing machine as if they were fabric.

Yes, you can sew paper!

Straight Lines

They might look easy, but sewing in a straight line can be tricky. Our best advice is to look at the seam guide rather than the needle.

Keep your fabric, or paper in this case, aligned with the seam guide to the right of your needle.

If you’re still having trouble, grab one of these clever gadgets that make sewing a straight line foolproof.

Sewing Practice Sheet 1 - Straight Lines

Turning Corners

When you are approaching a corner, stop sewing one seam allowance before you reach the corner. For example, if you are using a 1/2″ seam allowance, stop sewing 1/2″ before reaching the corner of your fabric.

Then lift the presser foot, and turn your fabric to continue sewing down the other side of corner.

Once you get the hang of it on paper, try making reusable makeup remover pads or rice hand warmers.

Sewing Practice Sheet 2 - Turning Corners

Curvy Lines

In some ways, curvy lines are easier than straight. They’re great for easy quilting or making this bath mitt with a soap pocket.

Sewing Practice Sheet 3 - Curvy Lines


Now we’re getting more advanced. The most useful advice we can give for sewing circles is to slow down and take your time.

Elastic bowl covers are the perfect project to practice sewing circles.

Sewing Practice Sheet 4 - Circles


It is not often that sewing projects require shapes stitched in them. You could do so for a decorative touch, or just use this sheet to practice control.

Sewing Practice Sheet 5 - Shapes

Zig Zag Lines

These zig zag lines are not to be confused with a zig zag stitch. Most sewing machines can be set to do a zig zag stitch that is usually used when a project should stretch.

For example, a zig zag stitch is recommended when sewing elastic. The zig zag lines on this practice sheet are much larger and simply meant as an exercise to follow the lines.

Sewing Practice Sheet 6 - Zig Zag

Print All Sewing Practice Sheets

Click below to download and print all six sewing sheets.

Don’t forget to pin this information for later, and check out some more helpful articles for learning to sew listed below.

Mock-up of Printable Sewing Practice Sheets

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