Best Sewing Magazines

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There are lots of great sewing blogs online and patterns to purchase in stores, but did you know that sewing magazines in print are still going strong in 2020? Check out these fantastic sewing magazines for beginners and advanced skill levels.

Sewing Magazines for Beginners

It seems that everyone has their nose in a device these days, but print magazines still have value. They are great to grab for a flight or relaxing vacation, and they often have perks that online outlets can’t offer.

For example, many sewing magazines now offer a digital version in addition to the print copy that can be accessed on a Kindle or iPad. That means you can download an issue (or several issues) and read it from anywhere.

Best Sewing Magazines for Beginners

Some also offer patterns that can be pulled out of the magazine or downloaded from their digital archives. Need a different size? Just download it again and hit print!

What Makes a Great Sewing Magazine?

Content is key for a great sewing magazine. Beautiful photos with patterns and tutorials that can actually be followed are super important. To make this list of the best sewing magazines, each one had to include the following criteria:

  • Patterns for a variety of sizes and styles
  • Tutorials with easy to follow instructions
  • Current fabrics and trends
  • Tips from industry experts
  • Bright, beautiful photos

Best Sewing Magazines for 2020

Subscribe to these magazines filled with sewing inspiration and tutorials. They are wonderful additions to any sewing library, for those with beginner and advanced sewing skills.

Is there a sewing magazine you love that didn’t make the list? Let us know in a comment below. If you prefer books, head over here to check out the best sewing books for beginners.

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