Ultimate List of Free Apron Patterns

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Apron patterns are one of the best sewing projects for beginners to make. They are cute, simple and useful for men women and kids.

This list of easy and free apron patterns features a variety of styles from vintage to upcycles, half and full.

What is an Apron?

An apron is a fabric garment that is worn over the clothes to protect them. The most common type of apron is worn in the kitchen to keep clothes clean while cooking.

They are also used while gardening, building, doing messy projects, hosting parties, or even while working as a vendor at a craft show.

Free Apron Patterns

Aprons can be full size, worn around the neck, or half size, worn around the waist. A pinafore style apron slips over the head without any ties.

This ultimate list of easy and free apron patterns features all types of aprons for all types of occasions.

What Fabric is Best for Aprons?

The best fabric for aprons depends on how the apron will be used. Cotton works well for light use in the kitchen.

Thicker canvas or denim is best for aprons that will get heavy use in the garden or workshop. This gathering apron pattern is made with a canvas drop cloth meant for painting.

You can sew a dishtowel apron for kids, or make it a half apron for adults.

All the cute apron patterns on this list use a variety of fabrics. If you need help choosing the best fabric for your apron, check out our Beginner Guide to Buying Fabric Online.

How Much Fabric is Need for an Apron?

Again this depends on which apron pattern you are making and how the apron will be used. A half apron can use as little as a fat quarter of fabric. While full aprons will require more.

Once you have chosen your apron pattern and type of fabric, learn how to calculate fabric yardage your project needs.

How Do I Make an Apron Pattern?

Many of the tutorials don’t even require a pattern. They feature full tutorials on how to sew an apron without a pattern.

The ones with vintage apron pattern vibes are some of our favorites. Of course we are partial to Cookie Monster for the kids too.

You are sure to find some cute apron patterns to make for yourself, for gifts or even to sell.

Free Apron Patterns & Tutorials

The ultimate list of easy and free apron patterns for men, women and children. These tutorials are perfect to sew for beginners. They feature a variety of uses from cooking to gardening to building. There is an apron to make for everyone!

Don’t forget to pin this list of free apron patterns for later, and check out some more sewing projects for beginners listed below.

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